Gasoline or petrol is a petroleum-derived liquid used as fuel in internal combustion engines. Major of gasoline is aliphatic hydrocarbons which are obtained from fractional distillation, crude oil and combining with isooctane and aromatic hydrocarbons.
Gasoline engine mainly is a mixture of light liquid hydrocarbons (C5/C10) that covers the distilled range from 38 to 205 degrees Celsius. In gasoline engine, different cuts of oil plus hydrogen production are used to raise the quality including slow burning.



Kerosene is one of the petroleum and fuel components that widely used in the past as a fuel for heating and cooking which today, has been replaced in many parts of the town gas and liquid gas.
Kerosene, a material with a density of 0/78 to 0/81 g/l, light and transparent and its flash point is between 37 to 65 ° C.


Gas oil

Gas oil, those hydrocarbons which are heavier than kerosene and its number of carbon atoms is about 15 to 24 and has a boiling range of approximately 160 to 380 ° C.
Gas oil has many purposes which the most important is fuel diesel engines and heat install